SINGLE Conductive wrist strap for grounding or frequency applications!

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TD-420A EEG Ground Strap, Arm or Small Leg. (ONE WRIST STRAP PER ITEM)

We developed a relatively affordable, conductive wriststrap that is compatible with 4mm post snap leads. This band can be used with devices that connect to 4mm post snaps, including biofeedback devices, or can be used as a grounding strap. They are designed to be comfortable to wear, and are adjustable. The conductive part that touches the skin, is made of silver, to minimize skin reactivity. It covers the entire inside of the band, to maximize its conductivity across the skin surface.

You can use this for many applications, including a grounding strap, EEG measurements, Frequency applications, and more. 

Please note, if you need straps for both wrists, you will need to order 2 of this item. 

NEW! We now offer a variety of colors and designs! Select your preferred design, or choose "Surprise Me!" to receive a random design. 

We also offer a discount bundle if you purchase both a wrist strap, and a snap lead cable. Scroll down the page to see the bundle offer!